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I just wanna say one thing before I get off tumblr for the night.

It’s NEVER too late to join in.

Even if you just heard about this issue with Kony, if you want to help because you feel strongly about it. THEN HELP.

IT DOESNT MATTER WHEN YOU HEARD ABOUT IT. If you’re in it to change the world. then welcome.

Open arms.

We’re going to make a difference. ALL OF US.

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Make this your cause.
Watch, share, and take the pledge. ♥


Make this your cause.

Watch, share, and take the pledge. ♥

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Okay world:

Everyone is bitching at everyone talking about Kony 2012. “Oh everyone’s a human activist all of a sudden” “requirements for Kony 2012, click on Uganda.”

Shut the fuck up.

The point of the video is to make everyone aware of the situation and so what if people are getting fired up…

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Do people really need to pick a side on the Joseph Kony issue? Isn’t it enough to know that children are being kidnapped and abused? If we’re divided on this issue, what does it say about us?

Maybe we can’t save the world, but can you really blame anyone for trying?

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you guys seriously, are amazing. WE CAN DO THIS, we will stop Joesph Kony once and for all…yes this didn’t just happen it has been going on for over a decade…26 years actually…we need to do something about this, we need to help and we need to fight for the ones who cannot fight for themselves. to…

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